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  • Maria NicollSurgical Coordinator

    As Surgical Coordinator, Maria is the friendly face of ShoulderMD. She has over 20 years working in multiple capacities of healthcare and understands the challenges patients face when navigating the pathway to better health. Being bi-lingual and living in the Sonoma area for over 15 years, Maria uses her skills to lead patients through the practice while understanding the local area and culture.

  • Rosa NicollLead Patient Care Coordinator
    Workers Compensation Specialist

    Rosa has spent over 30 years in healthcare specializing in workers compensation. She began as a medical assistant and quickly realized her passion for assuring the best care for the patient which led her into an operational role at one of the largest workers compensation organizations in the nation. Being bi-lingual, Rosa takes great care in assuring the Spanish speaking workers compensation patients have the assistance they need from an experienced navigator.

  • Yvonne Ramos, BA, MHABilling Coordinator

    As a Billing Coordinator and Front Business Office Specialist, Yvonne brings a wide array of skills and experience to ShoulderMD. Yvonne is an entrepreneur having owned and run her own company specializing in practice management and front business office affairs for over 5 years. Yvonne’s experience expands 9 years into billing and coding as well as human resources and project management.

  • Javier Alvarado DiazPatient Care Coordinator

    As a Patient Care Coordinator for ShoulderMD, Javier is excited to be a voice for patients looking for straight answers and guidance during their pathway to healing. Being bilingual, Javier is an excellent communicator and is able to help build the gaps of patient care for patients needing additional assistance and education. In his future, Javier plans to cater more to post-operative patients starting a networked telehealth and residential system for recovery treatments like wound care, physical therapy, and education.

  • Sophie GeddieDatabase Developer

    Sophie is an accomplished technology manager and organizational project management consultant. She collaborates with the team to help streamline workflows and communication, automate work processes and deliver business metrics. Sophie holds a deep technical knowledge in the business process management space which is evident in her ability to create tools that enhance efficiency and produce effective outcomes.

  • Michelle L PerezNew Patient Coordinator

    Michelle is a seasoned healthcare professional with over 14 years of experience, dedicated to ensuring a positive and seamless experience for patients. She is committed, to communicating effectively, and to ensuring patient well-being.

  • Bernadette AtwalSurgical Manager

    Bernadette has been in healthcare for over 25+ years. The last 5 years were spent in surgical pre and post patient case management. After managing a medical surgical office for 7 physicians, and assisting the surgical center as a backup manager, Bernadette learned she wanted to be directly involved with supporting patients and being their advocate during their surgery experience. Bernadette comes with extensive skills specializing in quality control, process improvement and patient experience. Bernadette believes every patient should be cared for and looked after as if they were family.

  • Stephanie Dintcho Assistant Business manager

    Stephanie has a strong background in bookkeeping and customer service.In her many different careers she has demonstrated attention to detail, tenacity and excels in project management. Personable and engaging, her interactions with patients, staff and administrators related to the practice receives high praise from all.