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Why get a second opinion? Receiving a surgery diagnosis or recommendation can be a stressful time for many patients. We at ShoulderMD can assist in alleviating this stress with our Online Second Opinion Program.

Our Online Second Opinion Program is a virtual, easy, convenient way for patients who have received a diagnosis or recommendation for surgery to find the peace of mind from an expert in the field of complex shoulder surgery. Dr. Paul B Roache and his team at ShoulderMD have over 25 years of experience with complex shoulder surgery and are here to provide the “second look” needed to assist in making the best-informed decision for your health.

Am I eligible for the Online Second Opinion Program?

  • If you have a recommendation by an Orthopedic Surgeon for surgery
  • If you have an MRI with a positive rotator cuff tear or labral tear after dislocation
  • If you have a Primary Care Provider who has recommended an Orthopedic consultation for surgery
  • If you are a permanent resident of the state of California or are in California at the time of the online second opinion

Scheduling an Online Second Opinion is easy. Simply click the button below, fill out the questionnaire and our Patient Intake Coordinator will contact you to gather your information and schedule your virtual appointment. Our second opinion program is covered by most insurances but we also offer a self-pay rate of $500.00 per visit which will need to be paid prior to the scheduled online appointment.