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  • A Shoulder Surgeon's Guide to Rotator Cuff Injuries and Other Common Shoulder Problems


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    This handbook is the result of the countless conversations I've had with my patients about their rotator cuff injuries and other common shoulder problems. Their desire to understand their injury and the how to heal from that injury is the inspiration for this handbook. I've written it in everyday language to convey basic terms and concepts. As such, it is a simplification; yet it is from these basic, simple concepts that injuries are best understood. Understanding the basics of your injury, the treatment, and the process of healing, will help you to ease your anxiety and focus your energy on getting well. This book is the bridge to the basic concepts and treatment principles that you must learn and understand in order to have a meaningful conversation with your doctor. There are many ways to treat shoulder pain and injuries. There are numerous books for patients published on the rotator cuff by chiropractors, physical therapists, and yoga teachers. Yet there are none published by shoulder surgeons for their patients. My goal for each and every patient is that he or she heals and gets back to all the activities in his or her life in the safest, most efficient way. Many times that is not surgery. However, in rotator cuff problems, particularly tendon tears, surgery at some point is very often the correct tool to help patients return to their previous level of activity. Most patients will follow a very predictable path as they heal from their injury. I call it the "Rotator Cuff Pathway." When patients understand the basics of their injury and the treatment, there is much less fear and anxiety. Most find the predictability of the pathway reassuring. Then they are free to focus their energy on healing and getting well. I hope this book helps you with understanding your injury and speeds you to recovery. Paul B. Roache, MD

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