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Dr. Roache and ShoulderMD consider the partnership with our physical therapists a vital Component in the successful care for our patients.

In order to facilitate the partnership we encourage active communication with us as patients proceed through care.

A few keys to a good partnership with ShoulderMD:

  1. We are leaders in Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Surgery, as such our protocols may differ from What are considered standard protocols. These differences are by design and take into account current leading edge techniques and biologic augmentation which may not be widely applied yet in the general orthopedic community.( see protocols and video’s for further details)
  2. Current health insurances both private, medicare and workers compensation all have annual limits on the # of sessions of physical therapy covered. (Typically 24)This makes efficient utilization of sessions very important. As such we typically start rotator cuff repair patients slowly with a PT session frequency of 1x a week until they restore motion and are ready for strength and functional recovery ( typically >3 months).
  3. It is important to have slow and steady progress to limit pain, inflammation and retear risk. Most therapists are acustom to a frequency of 2 x’s a week. This is our most common issue with Prospective therapy facilities. This difference is by design. Please do not ignore it. We are available to discuss the plan and customize it to a particular patient.
  4. We want to hear from you if you are accepting ShoulderMD patients. We value communication and your input. Please send your reports and feel free to let our PT coordinator know if you have any questions or comments. Also, If you are not yet an affiliated PT facility and would like to be, Contact our PT coordinator.