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Welcome to ShoulderMD Workers Compensation information for Patients.

Our team is very experienced and knowledgable on navigating the demands Of the receiving your care in the Workers Compensation system.

Your Patient Care Coordinator can assist you understanding the system.

A few key items to remember:

  1. If we are the Primary Treating Provider ( also known as PTP) for you we are Responsible for getting your care approved and for writing the reports that Are required.
  2. If you are not able to perform your usual work as you were performing it before Your injury then we will be giving you Restrictions for your employer to follow To protect you while you recover. This is often called Modified Work. Important to remember it is up to your employer to follow the restrictions.
  3. If you have restrictions and are on Modified work, we will be seeing you frequently In order to provide the reports updating your care.

Our Guides to understanding getting care in the workers compensation system Can be viewed below. Please print or download for your reference.

You will need the Adobe Reader to view and print these documents. Get Adobe Reader

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